Workshops and Seminars

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Workshops and Seminars

The Community 360° workshops and seminars are developed with the professional nursing home care staff in mind.  They also greatly benefit new and veteran nursing home volunteers. They are designed to address current topics in long-term care.  Topics such as person-centered care, the use of psychotropics, communications techniques, myths and negative stereotypes about aging are among today’s hot topics. See other great topics listed below.

The majority of the workshops are an hour in length with a few exceptions noted in the list below. All of the workshops can be tailored to meet your needs. 

The workshops are interactive, providing the participant with information, tools, and an opportunity to hear shared experiences. Continuing education units (CEUs) are available upon request.

Please contact us for more information about various packages that are available.

2018 Workshop Offerings: 

Paul P. Falkowski, PhD

Paul P. Falkowski, Ph.D.
gerontologist, author, trainer, musician

“Creating the “Super” Volunteer: Expanding the Role of Volunteers in Long-Term Care”
Presents the concept of creating a highly committed and passionate volunteer, i.e., the “super” volunteer that can provide companionship, personal cares and other non-medical staff support.
(2 hours)

“Volunteering in Long-Term Care”
Two-day training workshop for persons desiring to volunteer in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“Communication with the Elderly”

Skills for basic communication techniques and communicating with the cognitively impaired. 

“Successful Aging: Have the people living in nursing homes failed?”
Examines the current definition of successful aging and exploring new definitions for “successful aging.

“Meeting the Emerging Demand for Quality of Care”
Addresses the increasing demand for high quality long-term care, trends in competency requirements and hiring practices.

“Practicing the Art of Presence”
This workshop will give you practical tools to help you be and work in the moment of your day.  It takes practice but your residents will appreciate your focused care and will feel validated.
(75 minutes)

“Community 360°: a model for bridging the gap between the local nursing home and the faith community.”
Presents Community 360° model for networking people and resources among the long-term care community and the faith community.

“Fact or Fiction: Things we believe about aging”
Presents 12 myths of aging that are embraced by society that promotes ageism.

“When Life’s Meaning is Lost: Suicide among older adults”
Incident rate for suicide among older adults is increasing. Presents statistics, risk factors and interventions.

“They Think We Need This, What We Need is What You are Doing: Reducing the use of anti-psychotics through person-centered care.
Presents the facts about anti-psychotics and how person-centered care can reduce or even eliminate their use.

“Spirituality and Aging: What it means to Boomers”
Explores at the history of Boomer spirituality, how it changed during the 60’s and 70’s and the role spirituality may play in late life for Boomers.

 “Spirituality and Aging: an obligation to impart.”
Day-long workshop for persons desiring to promote and create inter-generational programming within their faith communities.

“Caring for Aging Parents: coping with late life changes through faith.”
Presents aging process, changes in spiritual needs and strategies for caregivers to address those needs.

“Religious Beliefs & Rituals: impact on nursing home care.”
Presents beliefs and rituals associated with major religions and their impact on the care of the long-term care resident.

“Our Elders, Our Faith, Our Future.” Presents a profile of an older person, the role of the faith community in the care of frail elderly, the role of the elder in the faith community and future trends.