What We Do

Trusted Volunteers for Nursing Homes

We Provide Trusted Volunteers for Nursing Homes

Community 360 volunteer with an older womanThe primary focus of Community 360º is to recruit, screen and train committed individuals to serve as weekly companions for residents of long-term care centers.

We also have a number of event-based volunteer opportunities for members of the community who want to help out with special events designed for and with the elderly.

At this time, Community 360º has dozens of volunteers serving residents at 15 care communities throughout the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. These volunteers provide companionship to frail, institutionalized older adults, and are a source of support to the staff.

For our long-term volunteer training program, we accept only the finest of volunteers to serve as companions to this vulnerable group. In fact, we screen all applicants and make sure they understand five key concepts before they can participate in our training and placement program. These principle concepts are:

Community – Selflessness – Presence – Compassion – Commitment

When we find individuals who value these concepts, we feel they have great potential to be quality volunteers for the long-term care community.  Read more about our training program!

Community 360° Training Materials

At Community 360º,  we create training materials that better equip volunteers for their role in a skilled nursing environment. The materials and methodology used encourage compassion, and educate the volunteer with the real-world knowledge and skills they need to enter the long-term care facility and hit the ground running.

Our materials are comprehensive – employing state-of-the-art methods and multiple learning styles to keep the student engaged throughout the training process.






Volunteer Opportunities for the Community

Community 360º offers opportunities for the community to become involved with older adults.   We love to collaborate with institutions of all types: from colleges, high schools, churches, and many other organizations, and are always seeking new ways to get people involved with the long-term care communities in our area.

We want people to see what is happening inside of nursing homes and we want people to join our cause.

Every year Community 360º promotes several community events designed to engage volunteers from the general public while helping older adults feel significant and connected.

One such event is the Christmas in Our Hearts annual concert, now in its 23rd year: Christmas in Our Hearts is a professional concert that is produced annually for about 400 residents and staff of local long-term care and senior communities. During this afternoon, we pamper these seniors with a time of beautiful Christmas music and turn the auditorium into a Winter Wonderland.  More than 100 volunteers are on-hand to make this grand event happen! 


The Chance to Give Back Something Meaningful

At Community 360º we offer individuals a chance to get involved in the lives of older adults who live in long-term care communities. If you would like to get involved with Community 360º, please stay in touch on Facebook, or make a donation today