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What Should I Write About?

            As I was preparing to write today, I asked myself “What should I write about?”  After struggling for about 30 minutes, I recognized my writer’s block and decided to break and head for the 15th floor of our building where I could sip a Coke (diet) and look out across the city of Omaha.  On a clear and sunny day like today, I have a magnificent view of the city from

The Secret to Recruiting Great Volunteers

           For the sometime, I have been engaged in the work of recruiting volunteers for nursing homes.  After several years of making personal visits to many, many nursing homes on my own, I turned to recruiting people to follow my example.  I thought that today I would share a few tips that I have discovered along the way.            Having never recruiting volunteers for any reason prior

“Ever Onward!”

I hope that my good friend, Community 360° board member and University of Nebraska at Omaha colleague, Dr. Lyn Holley won't mind that I used her call to action for the title of this article.  Our conversations most often end with her smiling and saying, Ever Onward!   I usually chuckle and respond with a hearty Ok!  But as I was thinking about my writing today, those were the first words that came to my mind, Ever

Marti, Morrie & Bill

            I  love sharing stories and I know from experience people love a good story. This is one of those good stories.                       Last August, 2011, I received an email from Marti explaining that she lives in Kansas City and her father Morrie was living in a nursing home in Omaha. She went on to explain that he is experiencing several issues to include dementia but loves to play gin rummy; “...if he isn't engaged with

The People I Have Met.

Yesterday, during a meeting someone reminded me that one day I should write a book.  "Yes! I need too!" And without hardly even taking a breath I launched into one story after another beginning with Betty, a member of the Women's Air Service Pilots.  There were about 1, 000 women, who, during WWII would shuttle aircraft from one part of the country to another freeing their male counterparts for combat


Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the St. Joseph Villa Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. It was one of the best events of this type I've ever attended. Hats off to Hector L., the administrator and Tammy Z. the activities director. Deja Blu was the entertainment for the evening, your's truly was the guest speaker.  I really wanted to encourage them. Volunteering in a nursing home may not seem like a "high adventure" experience, but for people who do volunteer

New Beginnings

I call my talk with you tonight, "New Beginnings" because for just a moment I will look back at where we have come from but then I will turn and look into the future to the next 20 years. As I look across the room, I see the faces of people who have stood with us, prayed for us, supported us, volunteered with us, and most important the people we