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“Volunteers Supplement Not Replace Staff”

               During a conversation with a CEO of a chain of nursing homes, I steered the conversation towards, what I predict will be, the critical role volunteers will play in the long-term care of older frail adults over the coming four decades. As soon as I mentioned that volunteers can be trained to provide personal cares such as grooming, dressing, and even feeding residents, the CEO barked back “They can’t replace staff!” “Oh no! I don’t want to


What is the Message?

What is the Message?

One of the several challenges I face in recruiting volunteers is developing messages that will attract new people. I have to capture their imagination, touch their emotions but most of all I have to overcome their fears of aging and their fears of mortality. So where should I begin?  It’s a tough chore.  I could  show an old woman sitting in a wheelchair, hair disheveled, soiled clothing, slumped over with her head in her lap. I’ve seen other

Recognizing the Value of Volunteers

           When you think about a volunteer what comes to mind?  I see someone who is engaged, aware of his or her community needs and committed to helping others.  Not remaining mere spectators, they step up to the plate to contribute their time, skills, and their knowledge to meet those needs.  They have the ability to lend a helping hand without any expectation of payment for their efforts but they will likely walk

Someone Cares About Me

Today, like every other day, I went to the Community 360° post office box to retrieve our mail. Most days when I engage in this chore, I slip the key into the lock, turn it, and then reach into the box usually to pull out flyers from vendors, businesses that what our business, newsletters, journals, and of course, bills.  But today, this chore took on a different dimension. I slipped the key into the lock, turning