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Last One In…

Starting January 1, 2011, the first of 80 or so million members of the Boom generation began turning 65. It will take about 19 years for all of us to get there but most of us will get there. It is not a little disconcerting to think what kind of pressures we will put on the economy, especially the health care system and finally the long-term care facilities.


The Face of Resilience

The last weeks have been anything but easy. When asked how things are going in my life I always give the truth. When you choose to live a life of resilience you choose to live a life filled with hardship, brokenness & grief. I have found, there is just no other way for me to live. Probably because I have seen resilience with my own eyes There is no more resilient than Phyllis Brandt, my mother-in-law, who after fighting cancers of many types for many