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Volunteers Curbing Elder Abuse

One of the more difficult subjects for me to broach is elder abuse and in particular elder abuse in nursing homes. The subject is difficult because I don't want to alienate the care staff that work hard everyday to provide the best of care to their residents. In the past 20 years, I may have met five or six people I thought were in the wrong job. Instead, over the years, I've met hundreds, if not thousands

“Ever Onward!”

I hope that my good friend, Community 360° board member and University of Nebraska at Omaha colleague, Dr. Lyn Holley won't mind that I used her call to action for the title of this article.  Our conversations most often end with her smiling and saying, Ever Onward!   I usually chuckle and respond with a hearty Ok!  But as I was thinking about my writing today, those were the first words that came to my mind, Ever