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What is the Message?

What is the Message?

One of the several challenges I face in recruiting volunteers is developing messages that will attract new people. I have to capture their imagination, touch their emotions but most of all I have to overcome their fears of aging and their fears of mortality. So where should I begin?  It’s a tough chore.  I could  show an old woman sitting in a wheelchair, hair disheveled, soiled clothing, slumped over with her head in her lap. I’ve seen other

Volunteers Curbing Elder Abuse

One of the more difficult subjects for me to broach is elder abuse and in particular elder abuse in nursing homes. The subject is difficult because I don't want to alienate the care staff that work hard everyday to provide the best of care to their residents. In the past 20 years, I may have met five or six people I thought were in the wrong job. Instead, over the years, I've met hundreds, if not thousands


At some point in our lives we are likely to face dependency. We can hide our heads in the sand and pretend that " will never happen to me." But after 20 years of observations, I'm certain that the odds are not in your favor, and it may happen suddenly and sooner than you think.  Of course,  entrepreneurs intuitively recognize an opportunity. Initiating a word search for anti-aging products produces millions of